Hello all! It’s been a while, huh?

“Where have you been, sir? Your Mommy and Daddy have been very worried!” is probably what you’re thinking right now.

“I’ve been a neglectful boy! I’m sorry!” -Me

I’ve been a busy little beaver! If you don’t know already, I’ve been writing for TigerLyfe Times! I write for their Hops and Harvest column, which I’ve been doing since the end of August 2017. I’ve written a number of articles for them, most recently a multiple-part series about aging Beer! You can see my author page HERE, you won’t want to miss it, it’s just as fun as it is here (and over here’s pretty damn fun, isn’t it?)

I’ve also been rocking and rolling over on my Instagram page. I’ve got nearly 2500 followers, and I post pretty much twice a day over there, to give ya a little taste of fun on your way to work, and on your way home, or to Happy Hour, or wherever you’re headed. If you don’t follow me there, please do!

Check it out for more Triple B fun! (TRIPLE B MEAN BENEDICT BEER BLOG HELLO THAT’S ME! 👋🏻)

So yeah, I’m sorry I haven’t posted much here in the past few months, but I’m gonna make it a point to put up some fun content every so often here, so be on the lookout for that!


I love you all, thanks for reading! More to come soon from Benedict Beer Blog!

Until next time!


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