From my Sexy Posing in Front of Breweries series…

Hi all!  Update #1 from beautiful, sunny then suddenly rainy Ireland!  We are safely in Kilkenny, about to have our second breakfast on this unbelievably green island, and today, we’re going Full Irish (get your mind outta the gutter…)!  I wanted to share some photos from our trip to the Guinness Storehouse yesterday!  

Holly and I opted to pour our own Perfect Pints, as the Gravity Bar (with a 360 degree view of the city of Dublin) was filled with loud, obnoxious Americans, “I’M FINE ON THE STAIAHS (stairs)!  I DON’T NEED TO WAIT FAH (for) YEW (you)!!”  A grandmother yelled to her family members.  

This was the only photo I could get without a bunch of strangers in it.  But check out the top of that guy’s head!

There’s a lot of money in the Guinness Storehouse, its kind of like Walt Disney World, (it’s even got a whole section dedicated to how important water is to beer, and the waterfall smells like Disney water!).

  Don’t go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the barley and hops that you’re used to…

A lot of the different videos were outdated, and whatever was supposed to be projected inside the simulated mash tun wasn’t working.  

We saw some great exhibits, though, specifically the advertising section, and the shop was beautifully decorated for Christmas (WE LOVE CHRISTMAS, FA LA LA LA LA, LA LA LA LA!)
Anyway, I won’t blather on.  Here’s some pictures from our experience!  Enjoy!

My gorgeous wife!

Here’s a normal pose!

My lovely!

2 Zombies in Dublin!  (I slept a total of 2.32 hours on the overnight flight…)

Looking up into the barrel!

God’s flower…
For the love of barrels!

Someone left the remains of their Perfect Pint in the bathroom!

My Goodness!

My Guinness!

Holly’s feeling Hoppy!


This guy looks like all the exit signs in Ireland…


Sipping off the shell of a turtle!

Holly Kay befriending a horse!

The store!  All decorated for Christmas! (FA LA LA LA LA…)

Our Perfect Pints!  Poured ourselves, and with the Certificates to prove it!

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