Holly Kay and I arrived at the Aspect Hotel in Kilkenny after barely sleeping on the overnight flight into Dublin, and spending the whole day in Dublin City, followed by an hour and 30 minute drive.  We were basically zombies, but decided to go to a place we had looked at on Trip Advisor called Brewery Corner.  It seemed fitting.  Winky face.

Irish Craft Beer in the heart of Kilkenny!
We were hoping to find somewhere that wasn’t too loud or crowded, and were relieved when it was relatively quiet, with a young Irish lassie, called Bad Poster Girl, singing folk covers near the fireplace in the front of the Pub.

Holly and I were warmly greeted by the bartender, who pointed out the food menu (three or four different types of pizza) and explained the Irish Craft Beer-heavy menu.   There were about 5 or 6 O’Hara’s (brewed by Carlow Brewing Company, who also own the pub), and a handful of other brews…  I remember seeing a Pumpkin Brew from Trouble Brewing, located in Kill, Ireland (yup, that’s a real place), and a few others.

I ordered from their extensive bottle menu, featuring craft beer from all over the world.

First up for myself was YellowBelly Beer Gose to Leipzig, a salty sour ale from this Wexford, Ireland Brewery.  

When I ordered it, the bartender responded, “The Gose?  Braaaave man.  I think it’s the only beer that makes a man thirstier!”  

It was pale golden in color, 4.5% alcohol, and actually a lot saltier than most Gose’s I’ve had.  After a wave of salt, beautiful orange and lemon zest citrus came through, leaving you wanting another sip!  Great stuff!

Holly had an O’Hara’s Irish Stout, which had a heartier mouthfeel and more defined chocolate and coffee than, you know, that other beer I wrote about here

Holly Kay and I shared a 12″ pizza, which was just enough to satisfy us after the long day.  It was a fine pizza, but we’re spoiled New Yorkers, but also, we’ll eat any junky food if we’re hungry enough, and also also, we love all pizza no matter what.  So it was perfect for where we were at that very moment in time, listening to covers of Death Cab For Cutie and The Decemberists.

Next up was Brown Paper Bag Project Aul Bruin Bagger, a 6.4% Sour Brown Ale.  It hits you with delicious berry and apple, makes you pucker just a little bit, with enough malt backbone to balance out the tartness.  Great stuff, and, while both this and the Gose are sour, they’re two wildly different brews, and delicious in their own right.
If you ever find yourself in Kilkenny (and you should and I’ll tell you why…  Two Words.  Butter Slip.) you need to head over to Brewery Corner and tell them Benedict Beer Blog sent ya!

It’s quite like something out of Harry Potter.  And look how cute Holly Kay is!

Butter Slip is, as advertised, VERY slippy.
And remember to love one another.  Let’s love each other harder through the difficult times.  That’s all I’ll say.

Until next time, Cheers!

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